Premium Loose Leaf Tea

Herbal Tea.
Steeped To Perform.

Sports Drinks From Nature

You deserve a delicious drink that will replenish
and rehydrate without the added chemicals and
Tea for Athletes

Don't Be A Tea Bagger!

It's time to ditch tea bags, which are of no use to genuine tea enthusiasts anyway. It's best to avoid bagged tea and opt for loose leaf instead, here is why:

Health Benefits

The larger leaves create a higher concentration of electrolytes, minerals, and nutrients.

Eco Friendly

Eliminate the use of tea bags, which end up in land fills around the world.

Quality & Freshness

Our tea is sourced from high quality estates and undergoes minimal processing.

Great Taste

Customize your brew by adding more or less tea when infusing so every cup is just right.

Have a ball!

Complimentary Tea Infusing Ball

Included with every purchase of herbal tea.
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I drank Dream Big Tea last night and it effectively relaxed my mind and eased my body.

MMA fighter Luke LaVanway in action
Luke La Vanway
Professional MMA Fighter

The Big Dream is my favorite, after a long hard day nothing puts me to sleep better than this tea!

Pro hockey player Macoy Erkamps in action
Macoy Erkamps
Professional Hockey Player

I love the recovery blend at all times of the day. It's an efficient tool to boost hydration and is an enjoyable drink.

Physical therapist helping a patient
Cody Wood
Trainer, LifeSync Wellness

Nourish tea is my post gym ritual now, although I like the Dream Big tea best, helps put a cap on the day.

Athletes Apothecary testimonial from trainer Brad Moorehouse
Brad Moorehouse
Fitness Trainer

I have loved it so far. Big fan of the Cocoa Mushroom Blend!

Pro hockey player Garrett Mitchell in action
Garrett Mitchell
Professional Hockey Player

My favorite is Body Defense. I feel fully recharged and so hydrated after drinking it.

Women smiling into camera with lake in background
Lisa Tietz
Fitness Studio Owner