Our Story

The beginning

When Pheonix Copley was in his 3rd professional hockey season, he began noticing negative changes in how he was feeling, both mentally and physically.

As a hobby away from the rink and a way to take a hands on approach to health and well-being, Pheonix and his fiance, Jess, began creating their own tea and smoothie blends. These blends seemed to have a profound positive effect on overall health, performance, and mood.

After seeing the positive effects of these blends for a few years, Pheonix and Jess decided it was time to share them with the world. That is when Athletes Apothecary got its start.

They teamed up with a food biochemist and nutritionist to combine their first hand experience with industry knowledge. Together they refined the blends into delicious beverages the serve a purpose.

What we're about

Athletes Apothecary is a sports wellness company. We are focused on changing the sports nutrition industry for the better by offering products that provide the nutrients your body needs to perform at its highest level.

Why Natural Sports Nutrition? Your body is best suited to digest and use natural, organic foods. When pushing your body to its limits, it is important that you are fueling it with nutrition that it can readily absorb. Everything from focus to coordination to strength output can be negatively affected by malnourished, dehydrated tissues. The best vehicle for sending proper nourishment to you body is high quality, organic foods. We know it can be a challenge to get these nutrients daily. So we created six different blends to cover the focus, hydration, recovery, and sleep needs of high level performers.

Athletes Apothecary vs. Common Sports Drinks. Common sports drinks and blends contain synthetics and chemicals. These filler ingredients may add appeal or taste to the drink, but they hinder your ability to digest and have a net negative nutrition value. Natural blends are easily digested which leads to more efficient hydration and recovery. All of our blends are 100% organic and sourced responsibly.