An Athletes Mission:

Improve Sports Nutrition

When a professional athlete joined forces with a certified nutritionist, a mission was set in motion. Their combined expertise, rooted in real-world experience and deep nutritional knowledge, gave rise to Athletes Apothecary.

This purpose-driven movement aims to revolutionize sports nutrition. At its core, our mission is clear: Provide athletes with unparalleled resources for optimal hydration, recovery, sleep, and focus. It's a commitment to elevate your performance and well-being.

Athletes Apothecary Creation Superfood Tea blends for Athletes
Hear from the founder

Why Athletes Apothecary?

"Being a competitive athlete for most of my life has shown me the value of maintaining healthy habits. The chances of injury and poor performance increase the more you neglect your health. Following difficulty with dehydration that included bouts of insomnia, consistent cramping, fatigue, and other troublesome factors, I began doing deep research on nutrition. That is when I discovered herbal tea. The more I learned the more it occurred to me that herbal tea can be a powerful tool for athletes. As I began experimenting with different blends I noticed improvements in how I was feeling.

At first I was skeptical, and chalked the improvements up to following a more strict diet. However, continuing research on the herbs and teas I was drinking led me to discover that these teas are actually providing essential minerals, electrolytes, and vitamins that are vital for proper hydration, recovery, and sleep. And perhaps more importantly, these teas contain no sugars, dyes, or additives that common sports drinks have.

I got together with a nutritionist who helped create tea blends that not only taste great, but provide the above performance boosts. It is these blends that I want to share with you in hopes that they can help you the way they have helped me. Using nothing but what nature provides, which is our goal."

- Pheonix Copley | Founder | Professional Hockey Player