Guest Post: Why I Founded Athletes Apothecary By Pheonix Copley

Guest Post: Why I Founded Athletes Apothecary By Pheonix Copley

Hello all, I'm Pheonix and today I am going to share with you my personal journey that led me to create Athletes Apothecary - a tea and superfood company dedicated to helping athletes reach their optimal health. A lot of what I am writing here I haven't shared with many people, but I think it is important to let readers know the roots of Athletes Apothecary and hopefully by the end of this you can get a glimpse of the realization that I have had throughout this process - sometimes very difficult circumstances can uncover amazing discoveries. 

It all started in 2017 when I experienced a devastating injury - a complete muscle tear off the bone. My recovery process was challenging and I didn't let many people in on the extent of my struggles. Leading up to the muscle tear I was dealing with dehydration and constant cramping, which no doubt contributed to the muscle tear. After the injury, I had limited options available for recovery so I turned to holistic methods and stumbled upon the incredible potential of tea and superfoods.

When I suffered the muscle tear, I knew something bad had happened based on the jolting pop and pain I felt. After MRI imaging and seeing many specialists, I was told the only route to recovery was to allow the muscle to reattach itself to the bone. The team and doctors were doing their best to find solutions but it seemed the only solution was give it time to let it heal. Still, no exact timeline was given on just how long it would take. This news was hard to take but it led me to take responsibility of healing my body. It was a daunting challenge, but I knew it was the only way I would return to action at 100 percent. 

Driven by determination to regain full strength, I embarked on a journey of holistic healing. I sought alternative paths, delving into various methods and therapies that could address both my injury and hydration issues. It was a time of self discovery and exploration where I opened my mind to new possibilities. 

During my holistic healing quest, I stumbled upon an unexpected ally - loose leaf tea. It was during this time that I realized tea had the potential to be much more than just a soothing beverage. I discovered certain tea blends that offered exceptional properties, making them a perfect fit for athletes like me. I began mixing my own tea blends using ingredients from a local farmers market. Not only did the tea provide deep and lasting hydration, but it also offered a myriad of health benefits. From reducing inflammation to promoting relaxation and aiding in muscle recovery, tea became an integral part of my routine. 

As I experienced the transformative effects of tea, I began adding superfood smoothies to the mix. The superfoods seemed to multiply the benefits I was already experiencing with tea alone. This recovery journey I was on was helping me in such a way that I felt compelled to share this knowledge with other athletes. But how?

Inspired by the triumphs I was experiencing, I decided to start a tea and superfood company - a platform where athletes could find exceptional blends designed specifically to meet their unique needs. I wanted to offer more than just hydration, I aimed to provide a holistic solution that would support recovery, enhance performance, and contribute to overall well-being. This was the birth of Athletes Apothecary. 

Athletes Apothecary is more than just a business venture, its a passion project born out of the desire to help fellow athletes around the world reach their full potential. I want to create a supportive community where athletes around the world can not only find top quality tea and superfood blends, but also knowledge and inspiration from other driven athletes. Through sharing my own story and offering meticulously crafted organic products, I aspire to ignite a flame of inspiration within athletes everywhere, helping them unlock their full potential and navigate their own paths of healing and growth. 

My injury, although challenging, became the catalyst for an incredible discovery. Through my journey I found solace, inspiration, and felt true health in the world of tea and superfoods. Today, as I reflect on my experiences, I stand proud as the founder of Athletes Apothecary - a platform that offers organic blends, support, and a developing community dedicated to achieving peak performance. 

Thank you for taking the time to read about this journey. I know there are unforeseen challenges ahead, but one thing I have learned from this journey is if you never quit and pursue your goals with tenacity, the worst that can happen is you learn. 



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